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MapMySites is useful for
  • Franchises mapping franchsees
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MapMySites Showcase

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"Since using MapMySites I've entered approximately 1000 defibrillator locations. Its easy and intuitive and I especially like how you can pin point a location using the map feature showing street numbers, and then change to a satellite view or street level view for greater accuracy. It’s just great!" Gareth Jenkin. Founder AED Locations Aed logo daef9fe3a0f660eb39ce1916ec3f06817004f70f4f9f90aedc2db3398bd38f7a
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Create your own map in 3 simple steps.

1. Personalize

Add your logo and customize colours, and information displayed on the map.

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2. Populate

Add points to your map. Tag them by type and region.

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3. Publish

View your finished map and embed it in your website (embed not available for starter plan)

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